Current Favourite Songs

I don’t know how to start this post, but the point is, I just want to share what songs I’ve been listening to and enjoying lately. So I’ll just start!

By the way, every “description” is just based on my personal opinion.

  1. Brother – Kodaline
    • This song is just simply heartbreaking. I love songs about couples, but I think we need more songs about friendships and family. I also think only Kodaline can make this song to have such a huge feeling to it. The voice of the vocalist and the music arrangement just support the lyrics so perfectly.
  2. Stolen moments – The Vamps
    • It’s a beautiful song that reminds me about my memories. Although my story is not exactly the same with the story that the song implies, this song really hits me because I don’t let go of memories easily. When I listen to this song, I just suddenly recall beautiful memories that don’t end up in a happy ending.
  3. Hearts don’t break around here – Ed Sheeran
    • This song just calms me down. What I understand from this song is that the character in the song is in love and believes that this love will last forever. I’m just hoping that this belief will come to me in the future.
  4. Break my heart – Hey Violet
    • It’s a fun song and I think it helps me to not be afraid of feeling sad or heartbroken. Not that I need that encouragement now because I’m not sad or heartbroken right now.
  5. To be human – Sia/Labrinth
    • It’s Sia. And to be human IS to love. I don’t know how I should explain why I like this song. Just listen to it.
  6. Thief – Maisie Peters
    • There are some of the lines in this song that really describe how I currently feel. It’s relatable for me.
  7. When she was mine – Lawson
    • Last but definitely not least, this song has been my favourite since the first time I heard it. It reminds me of someone that will always has a place in my heart.

Thank you for reading this post! If you try to listen to any of the songs, let me know what you think! Hopefully some of these can be your new favourite songs.

Have a nice day everyone!

Love, wennyishere

P.S.: I have a youtube channel. Perhaps you can check it out when you’re bored. Channel : wennyishere


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