Thunderstorm, cancelled flight

13 July 2017 from Beijing to Shanghai. I went to Beijing for a week for the summer holiday. Then the plan was to have a flight from Beijing to Shanghai. My sister lives in Suzhou, a city near Shanghai. My flight was supposed to be at 20:40, but I didn’t have anything to do for the day so I went to the airport at 16:00. I knew that lately there SO MANY flights getting cancelled. But my friends are always given a hotel when their flights are cancelled. So I didn’t worry too much.

After I waited for 2 hours, I checked in, and wait in the waiting room. The screen that shows the schedule are not very updated. So I thought all the wrong thing. It shows a flight from 16:55, and it was already 20:00. I thought the screen just haven’t erased that schedule yet. So I didn’t pay attention and just continue my Pretty Little Liars binge watching.

Then it comes the time for my flight. But some people just shout at the counter where we need to go through to get to the plane. And then I start asking people around me with my super basic Chinese language skill. Then I figured out that the screen was still showing the 16:55 schedule because that flight WAS FUCKING DELAYED UNTIL 21:00. At that point, I already know that my flight will be delayed until 3:00 AM or cancelled. By that point, the only thing that I can do was just continuing my binge watching.

It all came true due to the bad weather. I was fine, not panicking because I was not in a rush for the flight. I just asked for a refund of the ticket, and my sister helped me book a new one straightaway. The airport only provide a free bus to the city. So I took that bus and order an uber to take me to the other airport of Beijing (because the next flight from the first airport was so expensive). During the uber drive, I witness the thunderstorm myself. It was magnificent, beautiful, and intimidating at the same time.

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It was a really bad day overall for me. Not that it irritates me, but cancelled flight, not knowing where I was in the middle of the night, paying high taxi fare, and some other small stupid mistakes. But this storm was a really soothing view for me that I was actually just mesmerised with what happened that day. It was full with twist but I still find such a beautiful day.

Have a nice day everyone. There must be at least one beautiful moment in one bad day.

P.S.: I have a youtube channel, wennyishere. Will be posting my Beijing Summer Trip vlog there. Check it out!


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