What have I been missing?

I have been missing everything lately, and I think I know what it is. I’ve been missing feeling happy. I don’t think that I’m not happy right now. I think, based on my unconscious memory, I’ve been happier before. And it has not been that way for the last several months.

I don’t think I can change much about that fact, but I always try to make the best of my time and live in the moment. But the point of this post and the lesson I’ve learnt here is that, even in the worst time of your live, you can make a bright and beautiful moment during the dark times. Why do I say so? Because I realise that some of the moments that I’ve been missing happened during the worst year of my life. Those moments happened in between my darkest days. I never thought that I will miss any moments from that year at all. This is personally shocking to me.

In this short post, I just want to say that even in you darkest and hardest time, when you feel like giving up your life, you will get through it. I even kinda miss some parts of it. Some of you mightthink “you haven’t gone through what I have”. Yes, that’s true, but I might not be as strong as you. What’s hard for me might be nothing to you, but I still think it’s hard for me.

What I’m trying to say is that we all struggle in our own way, but we can all go through it in our own way. Just try your best to make the best out of every moments. Because life always has its ups and downs, and the downs make you appreciate the ups.

cherish the moment

Thanks for reading this little messy short post.

Love, wennyishere

P.S.: check out my youtube channel, wennyishere


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