The “invisible” facing the unfairness in life

I am a teenager. Living in a complicated and unfair life. Many say “life is fair in the sense that it is unfair to anybody”. I understand that completely. However, understanding and accepting is two different things. Both are hard to be done, but I’d like to think that I’ve done the first one well. Accepting is the difficult part for me. For me, it is very complicated. I’m many people will think that I’m just facing an unimportant phase of life, or this is just a “drama”. Maybe, in the future, I will think of this matter as a foolish problem as well, but right now, it is affecting a big part of me.

Confidence. It is the root for most of my messed up thoughts and problem. It has cost me so much, yet I can’t seem to learn. There is always someone better. More fun to talk to, prettier, smarter, more creative, more likeable, and so on. It is very easy for people to compare me to others as my weaknesses and incapabilities show much more. It makes me doubt my strengths and capabilities. It makes me wonder whether people can’t see the light in me, or have I got no light in me.

I thought the hardest part of my life was over. Turns out, it wasn’t the hardest part. I don’t think this will be the hardest too. For anyone who is reading this and feel the same way in any aspect, please know that you are never alone. You don’t need to go through any hardships alone. You might not be able to seek help from those you know. You are very fortunate if you can, but I know I couldn’t at some point in my life. Sometimes, talking to strangers can be a good choice as well.

This time, although this is quite a challenge for me, I have some people around that I can trust and feel comfortable to talk to. I have to admit I’m very fortunate in that aspect.

Remember, you are stronger than you think. You CAN face any hardships. You might need help, but you will find a way at the end of the day. It will become better. I still facing this problem, but I’m certain there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll arrive there.

If anyone needs someone to listen to them, you can find me in my social media. I might not go through the same thing, but I’ll be your listener.

Love you guys.



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