Why is it weird for guys to see girls wearing bra?

So yesterday, there was a thunderstorm. It is supposed to be summer, but I’m honestly grateful for some thunderstorm. I prefer chilly and huge rain rather than burning hot weather. But, on the other hand, I was out with 2 of my friends, looking for an apartment. We didn’t manage to find an apartment, but we saw a new mall. So, obviously, three students who still have final exams go to check out that new mall. We walked around the mall for a while, then we went out of the mall to look for taxi or bus. Both of which didn’t get around the corner. And suddenly it rains so hugely and my friends and I have to shelter under the bus stop, with a bunch of other people. It was so packed and we only got the spot at the very corner. We had 1 umbrella, but still doesn’t work. We were basically half wet.

Then finally, the bus arrived. We had to dip our feet into some puddles to jump on the bus. We were going to go to a mall that’s very close to our school. The nearest bus stop still requires some walking with to shelter on the road. So when we arrived at that particular bus stop, we had to run for our f*cking lives. It felt like I was playing i a water park, or I was having a shower and washing my hair. I had to run under the heavy rain and people from inside the mall are looking at me through the glass doors and windows. Andddd I was wearing a pretty sheer white shirt.

I didn’t expect that I was gonna run under the rain like that. But actually, I knew that after that rain, people can see my bra. But i was like “fuck it, I’m a girl, obviously I wear bra”. Not that I think girls need to wear bra. They don’t have to if they don’t want to. It’s uncomfortable. But in Asia, it is SUPER weird if you don’t wear a bra. Then I was talking to my friends, some guys and girls, and joking around, then 1 of them say that I should take a shower and change my clothes, because he can see my bra. So I said “so what? whether you can see my bra or not, you know I’m wearing it. I don’t think it matter that much”.

You can think that of me whatever you want, but that’s really my opinion. I would like to know what you guys think of this. We should have a discussion down on the comment section! Please like, subscribe and follow my page (if you like them of course). If you have any suggestion or advice on my writing, feel free to tell me as well! Thank you for reading this post! Hope you enjoy it.

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