What should I do after graduation? Part II

So, in the last post, I was talking about my background and the alternatives that I’ve thought of. On this post, I will breakdown the alternatives and why I feel stuck despite having those great alternatives.

First alternative, studying in UK! I love this idea SO MUCH! This is the first choice and I would choose this choice over any other choices. However, because I come from Indonesia, the currency is not as strong. So, my parents and I need to prepare so much money if I’m going to study without any scholarship. Sad to say, but my parents can’t afford it.

I was looking into which universities I’m interested into and some applicable scholarships (obviously). After doing some research, I think Warwick University is a good choice because it is positioned in Coventry. Based on my research, the living cost in Coventry is pretty low as compared to other cities in the UK, and Warwick University’s ranking is pretty high. So quality, check. Price, check. However, the school fee is obviously expensive. The school provide 25% to 50% tuition fee scholarship, but it doesn’t give me any assurance that I can have the scholarship. So, I found out about Chevening Scholarship. It is a really amazing help for any students. However, it does require a 2 years working experience in the field you are going to apply for. Unfortunately, I don’t have any working experience. These are the reason why I can’t really go with this alternative (unless I look for working experience for 2 years after graduation).

I haven’t do much research about studying in Germany, so I can’t say much. I’m looking for university that can provide English as the teaching medium. The one school that I’ve found has a quite high tuition fee. I haven’t look for any scholarship available yet, because this week is actually my final exams week.

Second alternative, working on cruise. I really want to do this because I feel like this will challenge me on a whole new level. I would like to test myself, and see how strong I am. This is what I wish I can do, but my parents would never agree to this. They don’t even allow me solo travel to Thailand. Even when I’ve been studying abroad for 3-4 years. So, this alternative is most probably impossible.

Last alternative, learn Chinese and pursue master degree in China. I don’t actually want to do this. I don’t want to stay in China anymore, because as I said before, living in Europe is the ultimate goal. Even if I can’t move to Europe straightaway after I graduate, I just don’t want to stay in the same country. I like to move around. But if I really can’t find other alternative, this is going to be my last available choice. I’m not saying that this is a bad alternative at all. I just prefer the other 2 alternatives a lot more than this one.

Do you guys have any idea, or are you guys going through the same problem? Tell me on the comment below. Like this post if it helps you in any possible way and share it if you reckon this will help someone you know.

Thank you for reading my post! Don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel if you guys have some time to kill. All and all, I hope you enjoy the post. See you next time, guys!

Have an amazing day!


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