What should I do after graduation? Part I

Most of you might not know that I’m an undergraduate in a college in China. I’m graduating in 1 year and I’m having a decision crisis… (i think). I really don’t know what to do after I graduate. I have some alternatives and I have done some research for some of the alternatives.

To let you understand, I’ll tell you guys more about the background problem. Firstly, I’m Indonesian, which means my parents are Asian. They are quite conservative and they like to “play it safe”. I’m 19 this year, so I will be 20 when I graduate. I will graduate with the Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Finance. I know I’m still young, but I just feel the rush to try new things before I run out of time. Who knows what will happen in the future, right?

Secondly, I love living in new countries, seeing how one country differs from the other. However, living in Europe has always been THE ultimate goal. I just love most of the architecture, the culture, the sophistication. I’ve never been to any of the European countries, so I actually can’t say much. But even writing this makes me so ecstatic about the idea of living in Europe.

Third, I’ve been seeing that the number of solo female travellers are growing in number. That inspires me to solo travel, and perhaps I can learn a lot about myself on the road.

Those are the 3 points that affect hugely on my alternatives. The first alternative is to study in the UK or Germany (Master degree in Finance). Second, I want to work in a cruise (earn money while “travelling”). Third, study Chinese and study for my master degree in China.

I don’t wanna make this post too long, so I think I’m gonna split this post into 2 parts. But so far, what do you think? If you’re also graduating, tell me what’s your next plan. If you have more alternatives for me, tell me in the comment section. If you’ve been through this, tell me your thought process or your experience when this happened. Just comment whatever you want in the comment section down below!

Part 2 coming really soon! Stay tune.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day! Lots of love!


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