Youtube Channel!

Hey guys! I’m so so so sorry that I haven’t been posting since forever. I just didn’t know what to write, kind of run out of ideas. I know that I haven’t even written a lot, but I just didn’t know what good article to write. But I will try to write more and regularly again.

For today, I have a news! I’m starting my Youtube Channel! Please check it out, show it some love. My channel is called wennyishere as well. I will leave a youtube button somewhere for you to click on so it will be easier for you. I don’t know what type of videos i’m gonna post yet. I love so many types of video on youtube. Beauty, gaming, haul, fashion, vlogs, etc. So i think i’m gonna see which ones suit me the best, which ones i enjoy the most. If I can do everything, I would be so HAPPY to do all of the videos.

I hope you check out the youtube channel, and please know I’m new to the editing and video world. So if the quality is not very great, please do understand, and maybe leave a comment for me to improve! Thank you for reading this post! See again in the next post and my youtube channel.

Bye for now and Have a great week!


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