Halloween Party Preparation

Hey guys! It’s Halloween month! If you guys don’t know yet, I’m an Indonesian college student and is currently staying in China. Some of the Indonesians in my college are going to throw a party at our college for the Halloween. I’m gonna put up some pictures of the stuff that we’re gonna use for the party. FYI, I’m gonna be the “DJ” for the night so I’m gonna share some of the songs that I’ll play at the Halloween party. Hopefully this post can give you guys some ideas if you need one.



Caramel Popcorn!






Black and orange balloons


Spider webs


LED candle lights


Songs :

Harry Potter theme Halloween

Tiptoe through the the tulips

The monster mash

I put a spell on you (Sonique)

Creep (Radiohead)

Disturbia (Rihanna)

I want candy (Bow Wow Wow)

I miss you (Blink 182)

E.T (Katy Perry)

These are not all of the properties and songs but I’ll tell you guys more about it next week. For now, these are all I have and I’ll keep you up to date before next week because I might post a little late next week because of the party. But I’ll try to post on the same day. And if you guys have more ideas, please let me know! Bye guys!


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