Birthday Presents Ideas

Buying birthday presents are fun but sometimes it can be confusing to personalize it. When I give birthday presents, I want the person to think that I think of them and really put into thoughts about the birthday present. So here are some ideas of birthday presents that might help you if you’re looking for one now.

I will divide the categories into the lower budget and the more luxury alternatives

Lower budget alternatives :

  1. Coloring book and coloring pencils. I bought this for my friend and she was over the moon.
  2. Mugs with characters from Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Monster Inc., etc.
  3. Yearly notebooks. Suitable for organized or trying to be organized people.
  4. Gift card. For those who LOVE to go shopping.
  5. Phone cases.
  6. Cozy socks. Everyone needs a pair of cute cozy socks.
  7. A mouse or mouse pad. But if they’re a gamer, you might want to give them one with a better quality
  8. Yoga mat. You might get your friend started on exercising by giving them a yoga mat.
  9. Favorite album.
  10. It can be luxury or simple. I feel like it will remind them of you especially if they’re going to live further from you.
  11. Scented Candle.
  12. Multipurpose tool. A good one especially for guys.
  13. Memories scrapbook.
  14. Make-up brush or sponge. This is inspired by my friend. She gave me an eyeliner to get me started putting on makeup.
  15. Bag charm. My friend gave me this before I left and went to China.

Luxury alternatives :

  1. Perfume. If you know about your friend’s taste of perfume (sweet, sexy, etc.), this might be a good idea.
  2. Luxury bags from their favorite brand. This one is probably for your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  3. Watches. I feel like checking time on watches is easier than checking it on the phone.
  4. Earphone. For me, a good earphone is a necessity.
  5. Belt.

Hope these help you guys. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check in next week. Bye!


Faber Castell




Charles and Keith bag charm







Enchanted Forest Coloring Book


Monster Inc. Disney Mug


Love Spell Untamed by Victoria Secret


Happy Birthday to you.


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